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Village,Under Armour Curry Shoes located in the vast mountains, surrounded by a large gully peak, the Under Armour Curry 2 towering mountains.

   Morning glow of shiny,stephen curry under armour shoes like a remote Suijin general spilled, Under Armour Curry 1 bathed in the human body warm.

   A group of children from four years old to teens range, can have dozens of people on the ground in front of the village facing the glow of being Under Armour Curry 2 have workout sound. A picture of innocent little face full of serious color, older children tiger style, smaller gestures are also a kind of mold.

   A body such as tigers and leopards robust middle-aged Under Armour Curry Shoes, wearing animal fur, the stephen curry under armour shoes was bronze, black hair loose, piercing eyes swept every child is seriously pointing to Under Armour Curry 1.

   "The sun rising, all initial, raw gas height, though not as legendary is so Canxia fresh air, but this body since the forging Ying Xia also have great benefit, can filling human life one day the morn, get up early every day more diligent, sinews and bones,stephen curry under armour shoes  blood refining tendons, the future in order to have the Under Armour Curry 2 to survive in this vast mountain of "standing in front of a group of children aged man pointing his face serious, serious caution, and then Under Armour Curry Shoes shouted:." Do Under Armour Curry 1 understand ?"
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